Shape and Size Options for Hearth Pads

Hearth Pad Shapes & Sizes

Our pads are offered in most popular sizes and shapes. Please consult your stove’s owner’s manual to determine the clearance requirements of your stove. Your hearth pad dealer can then help you chose the most appropriate pad size and shape for your home. Custom sizes welcomed but cannot exceed 60".

32 CR323226½26½842
36 CR363630½30½845
40 CR404031½31½1250
48 CR484837½37½1560
54 CR545443½43½1569
60 CR606049½49½1577

Corner Hearth Pad Diagram

12 Extension12487 3⁄439 1⁄26
18 Extension184813 3⁄439 3⁄46

Extension for Hearth Pad Diagram

Standard (ST)ABCDE
32 ST323226½20½8
36 ST363630½24½8
40 ST404031½2312
48 ST484837½2715
48D x 40W ST484039½2312
48D x 54W ST485437½3915
54D x 48W ST544843½2715
54 ST545443½2715
60 ST606049½3915

Standard Hearth Pad Diagram

Octagon (OCT)ABCDE
24 x 32 OCT24321623½6
24 x 36 OCT24361627½6

Octagon Hearth Pad Diagram

What frame styles are available?

There are two styles of powder-coated frames to choose from for the hearth pad.

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What style of pedestals are available?

Pedestals are available in tile or slate.

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What colors of hearth pad are available?

Choose from a variety of colors and materials.

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