Traditional Hearth Pads

Dress up your stove and protect your home with a Hearth Classics hearth pad. We make a pad for every home, every stove, and every budget.

Traditional Hearth Pad Downloads
Traditional Hearth Brochure (outdated images - new version coming soon)
Traditional Hearth Dimension Sheet 

Features & Benefits

  • Two frame styles to choose from (Type 1 max size is 54" x 48").
  • Original edge available in Type 1 (up to and including 54" x 48") and Type 2 in any size.
  • Classic edge available in Type 2 only.
  • Durable tube aluminum frames.
  • Handcrafted in the USA using natural stone and ceramic tile.
  • Two levels of protection to meet the safety needs of every stove.
  • Powder-coated frame.
  • Sturdy backing board and latex modified thinset ensure maximum strength.
  • Tested to UL1618 Standard.
  • Easy installation. Simply lay the pad on top of you floor.
  • Matching pedestals raise your stove up 6" for better viewing and easier loading.
  • Matching wall pads can reduce clearances to a combustible wall and create a beautiful effect.
  • 14 beautiful colors of tile or slate.
  • 16 sizes plus custom sizing.

Safe for the Home

  • Our Thermal Protectors are fully non-combustible with R=1.61, the highest of any manufactured hearth pad.
  • Tested by Intertek Etl Semko, an independent testing laboratory.
  • Tested and certified to meet or exceed UL1618 Standard.

Wall Pads

Our fully non-combustible wall pads are available for flat walls or corners for the Original or Classic Edge pads. We make matching wall pads to go with every size floor pad, even custom sizes. Our invisible mounting brackets raise the pad 1” off the floor pad and hold it 1” away from the wall. This mounting system, along with our fully non-combustible design, can reduce clearances to a combustible wall up to 66% in many cases. Talk with your stove dealer and check your stove manual for clearance requirements for your stove.

  • Available for standard (single wall board) and corner (two wall boards) installations.
  • May reduce clearances to combustible walls.
  • Mounting brackets are available to space wall pad(s) - 1" off floor hearth pad and 1" away from wall.
  • Provides an attractive seeting for your stove.

Classic Edge Wall Pad

Classic Edge Wall Pad

Orginial Edge Wall Pad

Size Options

Wall (SQ)
36 x 48 SQ
48 36
40 x 48 SQ
48 40
48 x 48 SQ
48 48
54 x 48 SQ
48 54


Wall Hearth Pad Diagram


Wall Pad Installation - Step 1

Wall Pad Installation - Step 2

Wall Pad Installation - Step 3

Wall Pad Installation - Step 4