All of our hearth pads provide protection for a stove requiring Ember Protection.

Some stoves produce enough heat that a Thermal Protector is required to protect the floor beneath the stove.

Thermal Protection

With stoves burning cleaner and hotter than ever before, a traditional ember protector or homemade hearth may not protect the combustible floor beneath your stove. Building codes and safety standards now require the hearth pad to provide adequate protection based on the stove model. With that in mind, we now offer two levels of protection to meet the needs of every stove. All our pads are tested to meet or exceed UL1618. Whether you’re burning gas, pellets, corn, coal, oil or wood, our hearth pads offer the best protection on the market - and they look great too.


Type 1 – Ember Protection

All wood, pellet, coal and corn stoves require a hearth protector. Most require only protection from falling embers. But some stoves produce enough heat directed down and forward that a Type 1 – Ember Protector won’t stop the heat from passing through to the floor beneath the stove. This can be hazardous.


Type 2 – Thermal Protection

For today’s highly efficient stoves, a Hearth Classics non-combustible ThermaShield pad will block the heat from passing through to your sub floor. Fully non-combustible, with an R-value of 1.61, it provides the greatest protection of any manufactured hearth pad. For stoves requiring an R-value higher than R=1.61, a ThermaShield Low-Profile base, a ThermaShield Pedestal, or a ThermaShield Xtreme Pedestal can increase the protection up to R=10. All our pads are tested to meet or exceed UL1618.

Compare to ThermaShield

If you were building your own hearth pad, how would you reach an R-value of 1.61? Well, to match the thermal protection of a ThermaShield pad using ceramic tile, you would have to use 86 layers of ¼” tile. Check out these comparisons of other non-combustible materials to a ThermaShield pad.

Alternate Materials to Match R=1.61 How Much
Durock ½” 7 Layers
Hardibacker 500½ 34 Layers
Cast Hearthstone 21316 3 Layers
Brick 238 4 Layers
Ceramic Tile ¼” 78 Layers
Cement 9”
Marble 31”

For stoves that require a higher R-value than R=1.61, we offer the Low Profile Base and ThermaShield Xtreme Floor Protection System. These allow you to increase your protection to R=10.