36” x 36” Modular Hearth in Black Hills


Modular Hearth Protection System

The affordable Modular Hearth protects your floor and deck from falling embers and messy spills. By joining individual tiled panels with our unique locking system, you can make a beautiful ember protector in minutes. Panels are 12” wide by 24”, 36” or 48” long and are just over 3/8” thick. You can build a pad to just the size you need.

Modular Hearth Pad Downloads
Modular Hearth Brochure
Modular Hearth Dimension Sheet 


What is a Modular Hearth? 

  • It is the most innovative approach to hearth protection.
  • It is designed to solve issues of current production hearth pads - too many options, sizes, shapes, tile selections, freight damage, cracking/discoloring grout, and more.
  • It is a patent-pending hearth pad containing only non-combustible material.
  • It is designed around our patented “Modular Panel” in which we tight set the tile to a patent-pending engineered steel backer panel. Panels are designed to put together with locking strips for a Type 1 (T1) hearth pad or simply laid into a frame for a Type 2 (T2) hearth pad.
  • It is packaged so that the most popular sizes will allow assembly of either a standard shape or corner shape Type 2 (T2) hearth pad.

It is a hearth pad that:

  • ships in a well engineered box designed to protect the hearth pad from damage.
  • is easy to handle – all sizes (except 60" x 60") ship in a 48"L or 36"L x 12"W x 7"H box.
  • 60" hearth pads ship in two boxes – one 48"L x 12"W x 7"H and one 36"L x 12"W x 7"H.
  • is designed so replacement parts can be sent out immediately in the event damage does occur.
  • will continue to provide maximum protection in the event a tile cracks.
  • produces minimal waste and uses no water - Green Manufacturing.
  • eliminates grout with tight set tile.
  • is built only as a Type 2 (T2) modular hearth pad when using the frame.
  • eliminates any worry over whether a Type 1 (T1) or a Type 2 (T2) is needed, thus further reducing the number of SKU numbers.
  • is available as an inexpensive Type 1 (T1) modular hearth pad if used without a frame – available in square or rectangle shapes only.

Easy Installation 

Our product assembles easily as well as installs simply by either your installing dealer or yourself! Packaging is made for easy handling and safe shipping. Each kit includes all parts needed to assemble a corner or standard modular hearth pad in our most popular sizes 36", 48" and 60" No tools, no fuss, fast and easy. Click here for installations instructions. 

Type 1 (T1) - Ember Protection Installation (no frame)

Create the size you want from as small as 12" x 24" to as large as 48" x 60".

1. With tile facing the wall, stand panels vertically on cardboard to protect the tile. Leave about ¼” between panels.

2. Wearing gloves, insert a locking strip under the metal edges of 2 panels where they meet. Slide strip down to the floor. Repeat at each joint.

3. Push the panels tightly together and check for squareness.

4. Evenly space 3 pieces of aluminum tape along the joint. Repeat at each joint to form a single unit.

Cutting a Hole or Custom Shape

You can customize the shape of your Modular Hearth to fit into a corner or work around a unique feature in your home. To cut the Modular Hearth, use the technique for cutting a hole. Use gloves to protect your hands from cut edges of metal and tile.

1c. Do this before joining panels. With tile-side-up, lay the panel flat on a board that can be cut OR support the panel with several boards leaving the space to be cut void. Tape over the tile and draw hole shape.

2c. Using a diamond masonry blade in a 4” grinder or a Skilsaw®, cut along the lines. Do not cut past the corners. For round holes, use a drill with a masonry hole cutter.

3c. Turn the panel over and insert the blade into the cuts just enough to cut the metal, not the tile. Continue the cuts into the corners.

4c. Turn the panel tile-side-up and remove the cut piece and remaining tape.